Meet Clare Deacon

Founder of Happya, Positive Psychology Coach & Therapist

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Hello, I'm Clare - here to support you on your journey to a happya, more enriched life.

As a qualified trauma-informed positive psychology coach and therapist, I'm here to share to support you to go beyond survival, to grow, flourish and thrive and live your happya life.

In 2016, I faced the unexpected death of my husband, a moment that shattered my world. Determinded to move beyond survival, I embarked on a personal journey of transformation, experiencing post-traumatic growth and discovering my passion for psychology.

My qualifications include a master's degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, complemented by expertise in trauma, post-traumatic growth, counselling, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique and more.

But I bring more than professional knowledge; I bring a personal understanding of life's challenges and the resilience needed to overcome them. In the face of growing up in a household marked by domestic abuse and enduring a lifetime in survival mode, the unexpected death of my husband served as a profound wake-up call. I realised that merely surviving was no longer sufficient. The time had come to break free from a life that didn't align with my true self.

No longer willing to play the societal game, I made the decision to show up authentically and live unapologetically, fully embracing my dreams. It was a transformative moment, a commitment to stop worrying about others' judgements and the expectations placed upon me. My focus shifted to putting my own needs first, recognising the importance and prioritising self-care.

With three small children whose world had been shattered, I refused to let them believe that happiness was out of reach. I was determined not to allow my husband's legacy to be one of a broken family. This decision marked the beginning of a journey toward authenticity, resilience, and a commitment to living a life aligned with my true purpose. A happya life.

As an advocate for authenticity and resilience, I've translated my personal journey into meaningful expertise. My commitment to living unapologetically and embracing dreams led me to become a number one best-selling Amazon author, a dynamic podcast host, and a recognised public speaker. Rooted in integrity, honesty, and a genuine connecton with others, I bring a formidable yet lighthearted approach to my work. With a touch of quirkiness, I aspire to inspire individuals to go beyond survival and embark on their unique paths to a thriving, happya life.

Featured In

Natural Health
Daily Mail
Woman's Own
  • EMCC Accredited MSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology

  • BSc(Hons) Management Science

  • Executive Diploma in Management

  • Diploma in Counselling Skills & Theory

  • Diploma of HE in Psychology

  • Certificate in Healing Complex-PTSD

  • Applied EFT Level 2 Practitioner

  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy & Counselling Skills

  • Diploma in EMDR incorporating Hypnotherapy

  • Trauma-Informed Positive Psychology Coaching Method

  • Trauma-Informed & Practise Diploma

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Feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start on your journey toward positive change? Living without clear focus and clarity, disconnected from your own desires?

Happya helps you navigate the first steps, offering guidance to find clarity and reconnect with your aspirations. Clare will work with you to reak down overwhelmign challenges providing clear steps and guidance to initiate positive change.

Hesitating to express your true thoughts due to fear of judgement? Longing for a safe space where your emotions are free from criticism?

Happya provides a judgement-free space, helping you build confidence and self-acceptance through positive psychology coaching and personalised strategies. Clare provides a safe emotional space, allowing you to express your feelings without fear of criticism or judgement.

Are you struggling to set boundaries, feeling taken advantage of? Seeking balance between family needs and personal well-being? Ever feel like a fool when your efforts go unnoticed?

Happya focuses on effective boundary-setting techniques, helping you assert your needs confidently, finding a healthy balance between family and personal well-being.

Spent years attempting positive changes only to feel stuck again? Ever think it's too late to make significant changes after investing so much time?

Happya guides you past the cycle of feeling powerless and helps you see that positive change is always within reach. Clare's expertise enables her to address the root causes of feeling stuck supporting you to take action. Her blend of counselling, therapy, and coaching training means you can support you throughout the whole process.

Is your energy consumed by fear, experiencing fight, flight, fawn or freeze responses? Do you feel constantly drained, both emotionally and physically, with low energy levels?

Happya's trauma-informed approach assists you in managing fear, restoring energy, and fostering emotional and physical well-being.

Does your inner voice often discourage you from making changes, convincing you that it's safer to stay on the same path?

Happya helps you challenge that inner dialogue, guiding you towards embracing positive change with confidence and empowerment.

What if things could be different?

Discover Your Happya Life

Explore our transformative programmes to see how we can help you unlock your potential, embrace authenticity, and achieve personal growth to live a life beyond survival.

Happya Ever After Programme

Happya Ever After offers a unique counselling and therapeutic approach using positive psychology to release trauma and promote recovery.

Blooming Happya Programme

Blooming Happya is a transformative programme rooted in positive psychology, guiding you from survival mode to embracing your happiest life.

Grow Happya Programme

Grow Happya offers a therapeutic journey to foster growth, release self-limiting beliefs, and cultivate confidence and self-worth.

"Clare created a really great, safe space where I felt I could be honest. Our sessions were really productive. I felt calmer and more relaxed after sessions. Not only this, I felt calmer in situations I would normally have felt anxious.

I really recommend working with Clare."


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Start the Quiz and embark on a transformative journey tailored to your unique needs. Discover your strengths, identify areas for growth, and pave the way for a happya and more purposeful life.

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