"Blooming Happya" is not just a book; it's a transformative journey authored by Clare Deacon, an esteemed positive psychology coach and therapist.

This book resonates deeply with readers who find themselves at life’s crossroads, yearning for more than just the routine of daily existence. Clare's own journey of overcoming generational trauma and rediscovering her happya® life lends authenticity and empathy to every page.

"Blooming Happya" unfolds as a practical toolkit, offering a blend of insightful wisdom and actionable steps.

This book is for anyone who has ever felt unworthy, lost, or stuck, who are ready to heal from the past and step into a future of happiness and well-being. Clare Deacon's empathetic voice and expert guidance make "Blooming Happya" an essential read for anyone on the path to personal transformation and a happier, more fulfilled life.

Whether you're beginning your journey of self-discovery or seeking to deepen your understanding of personal growth, "Blooming Happya" is your companion and guide to a life that’s not just about surviving, but thriving and blooming in your truest sense of self.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being with our series of empowering workbooks.

These bonuses are designed to align with the principles explored in the book "Blooming Happya", providing you with practical tools, and empowering resources to accelerate your journey.

From uncovering your unique self to nurturing your well-being, each workbook is designed to guide you through a transformative exploration, helping you reveal your narrative power, explore your emotions, empower your boundaries, find your inner strength, unleash your vision, and ignite a brighter tomorrow.

Happya Life Journal 90-Days of Wellbeing

Transform Your Wellbeing in 90 Days - Discover the Power of Journaling!

This unique journal is expertly crafted to enhance your psychological well-being and happiness.

Embrace the scientifically proven benefits of journaling, from trauma recovery to goal clarity, confidence building, anxiety reduction, and emotional management.

Begin with a commitment page to set clear intentions, revisit it for motivation and focus.

Weekly, align your feelings, intentions, habits, self-care routines, and wishes.

Includes engaging challenges for holistic well-being improvement – complete them at your own pace.

Daily sections to record emotions and reflections, guiding you on a transformative journey to a happier, more fulfilled you.

Ideal for anyone seeking to elevate their life through mindful self-exploration.

Gratitude Journals

Enhance your life with "The Happya Gratitude Journal".

This journal is not just a tool, but a companion on your journey towards a fulfilled and joyous life. Immerse yourself in its pages, where the science of happiness meets daily gratitude practices and empowering affirmations.

With Clare's expert guidance and trauma-informed insights, you're invited to grow, thrive, and unlock the transformative power of gratitude. Set goals, reflect, and embrace the vibrancy of a full-color interior, designed to reflect the richness of life.

Perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, this 8" by 10" journal is your key to unlocking a happier, more grateful existence. Embrace this opportunity to turn each day into a celebration of gratitude and well-being.

Grief Journals

Embrace Healing with 'Healing After Loss Grief Journal' – your supportive guide through the journey of bereavement.

This journal, crafted by Clare Deacon, a positive psychology coach and therapist, offers a compassionate pathway to process the loss of a loved one and rediscover hope. It's not just a journal; it's a sanctuary for your emotions, memories, and the rebuilding of a future filled with meaning.

With Clare's personal experience and professional insight, this journal provides a nurturing space for grieving, reflection, and growth.

Engage with thought-provoking prompts, reflective exercises, and weekly overviews, all aimed at supporting your journey to healing. Whether for personal use or as a comforting gift for someone in grief, this journal is a beacon of hope, guiding you towards a future that honours cherished memories and embraces new beginnings.

The Happya Notebook Collection

Discover the Joy of Creativity with The Happya Notebook Collection!

Unleash your thoughts and creativity in style with our trio of elegantly designed notepads - The Happy Dot Notepad, The Happy Doodle Book, and The Happy Lined Notebook.

Each notebook, measuring 6 x 9 inches, is perfectly sized for portability, ensuring you can capture your inspirations anywhere, anytime. The Happy Dot Notepad, with its subtle dot grid pages, is ideal for organised note-taking and creative expression. The Happy Doodle Book invites you to let your imagination run wild on its blank pages, perfect for sketching or freeform writing. And for those who prefer traditional lined pages, The Happy Lined Notebook offers a classic format for writing, journaling, or list-making.

Each notebook features a vibrant, uplifting cover design, promoting happiness and positivity with every use.

Whether you're a professional, student, artist, or journaling enthusiast, this collection is a versatile companion for your daily life or a thoughtful gift to spread joy and inspiration.

Lined Interior

Plain Interior

Dotted Interior

Lined Interior

Plain Interior

Dotted Interior

Lined Interior

Plain Interior

Dotted Interior


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