I'm Clare Deacon, founder of Happya.

With my expertise in positive psychology and personal experience of overcoming life's challenges, I'm dedicated to helping you through your journey of growth to find your happya. At happya, we believe in moving beyond survival towards embracing a life filled with clarity, purpose, and joy.

Discover Your Happya Path: Book Your Free Discovery Call

Start your journey towards personal growth with a free 30-minute discovery call. It's a chance for us to get acquainted, for you to ask any questions, and share your experiences in a relaxed, no-pressure setting. Consider it a friendly conversation where we explore how we could work together. This call is about understanding your needs and seeing how I can guide you towards a happya more fulfilled life.

Calm in Chaos: The Anxiety Relief Collection

Discover the power of calm with our anxiety relief collection, your ultimate resource for mastering inner peace. Each technique is designed to soothe, heal, and empower, offering you the tools needed to overcome anxiety and embrace calm. Imagine a life where anxiety doesn't control you. Gain access to a toolbox filled with strategies proven to restore calm and foster mental and emotional health.

Healing Steps to Happya Living: Releasing Past Trauma through Transformation and Growth

In this comprehensive pdf, discover empowering insights and practical steps to navigate your journey toward healing, resilience, and profound personal growth. Take the first step towards a joy-filled and purposeful life - your guide to unlocaking the path to a Happya Life awaits. Download now for a transformative leap towards a brighter more fulfilling future.

Blooming Happya - Grow, Flourish and Thrive Beyond Survival

In 'Blooming Happya,' dive into a transformative journey towards joyful fulfillment and personal growth. This insightful book, offers a unique blend of practical wisdom, empowering strategies, and inspiring stories. Written for those seeking to move beyond mere survival to a state growth where they can flourish and thrive. Each chapter guides you through the principles of Happya, from discovering your authentic self to activating your life's purpose. Whether dealing with past traumas or current challenges, 'Blooming Happya' provides the tools and encouragement to foster a life of clarity, purpose, and deep contentment. It's more than a book; it's a journey to living in alignment with your true self and embracing a life that's richly and uniquely yours.

Welcome to the Happya Bookstore

Step into the Happya Bookstore. Find our collection of books, workbooks, and journals to inspire, educate, and guide you on your journey to a more fulfilled life. Here, you'll find a range of titles that resonate with the core principles of Happya. Browse our shelves and discover the tools to help you bloom into your happiest, most authentic self.

Navigate Your Happya Life Quiz

Embark on a journey of self-realisation with our 'Navigate Your Happya Life Quiz.' Designed to unlock the secrets of a life brimming with authenticity, fulfillment, and growth, this quiz is your first step towards a luminous future. By starting this transformative journey, you'll uncover your innate strengths, pinpoint areas ripe for development, and chart a course towards a happier, more purposeful existence. The results of this quiz offer you personalised insights and actionable steps to navigate life's challenges and thrive. Gain a deeper understanding of your inner world and empower your growth towards lasting, positive change. Your path to a Happya life begins with this quiz – take it now and align your journey with the essence of your true self.

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