Blooming happya

Unleash Your True Potential and Find Lasting Happiness

A programme designed specifically for those who are ready to reclaim their lives, rise above challenges, and embrace their journey towards fulfillment and to live a happya life.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you yearning for more in life, questioning if there's a deeper sense of fulfillment awaiting for you?

  • Have you misplaced your identity in the midst of catering to everyone else's needs, leaving your own desires on the sidelines?

  • Is the lack of confidence and energy holding you back, making it challenging to embark on a journey of self-discovery? Uncertain about where to initiate this transformative process?

  • Do the demands of your daily life feel overwhelming, making it a struggle to find the time and motivation do something different?

  • Are you trapped in the routine of others' expectations, feeling confined to roles that no longer responate with your authentic self?

  • Is the fear of change hindering your progress, causing hesitation to take that crucial first step towards personal growth and transformation?

  • Are you finding it challenging to articulate your needs an desires, resulting in feeling unfulfilled and a sense of disconnection from your dreams.

  • Do you feel stuck, lost and left wanting more?

What if things could be different?

How amazing would it be if...

You found yourself confidently pursuing your passions and embracing life?

You woke up every day, knowing exactly what you want in life and capable of achieving it?

You found self-love and upheld your boundaries so you don't get lost in others' needs?

Unveiling the Blooming Happya Journey

Designed for those who find themselves trapped in survival mode, Blooming happya is a transformative journey to free yourself from self-imposed limitations.

This programme has been meticulously crafted for those who have, perhaps unknowingly held themselves back from living their best lives.

If you find yourself constantly people-pleasing, prioritising others' needs overs your own, yet yearn for something more, Blooming happya is designed with you in mind.

What's covered in Blooming happya?


Discover Your Starting Point

Where self-discovery unfolds. Gain insight into your life and journey and set the stage for transformative change. Explore meaning and purpose to uncover your passions. Align your life with your values and uncover your authenticity.


Strengthen Your Foundations

Cultivate a positive and empowering mindset, and master your emotions. Silence the inner critic, making room for self-compassion and positive self-talk. Establish healthy boundaries and create a life that honours your needs and fosters harmony.


Manifest Your Dreams

Where dreams become reality. Envision your ideal life, allowing your aspirations to take shape. Cultivate empowering self-confidence, unleasing belief in your abilities to take bold action. Create a roadmap of success towards your happya life.

Blooming Topics

Self-Discovery Audit: gain insight into your current situation illuminating your path to self-discovery and personal growth.

Align with Your Values: uncover the essence of what truly matters to foster harmony and authenticity.

Explore Meaning in Your Life: discover your purpose, pave the way for a life filled with lasting fulfilment.

Navigate Your Story: journey through your past, embrace the present, and craft a purposeful narrative for your future.

Cultivate Your Mindset: cultivate a positive and empowering outlook, establishing the foundations for personal growth.

Emotional Mastery: master your feelings and create the foundation for emotional well-being, giving you the resilience to persevere.

Hear the Inner Critic: understand your inner dialogue and foster compassion for yourself to empower your journey.

Honour Your Boundaries: create healthy limits and honour your needs, nurturing your well-being and empowering your authentic life.

Empowering Self-Worth: construct the foundations for confidence, nurture your unique worth and gain an unwavering belief in yourself.

Future Vision Realised: envision your ideal life and transform your dreams into reality. Create the picture of your happya life.

Success Roadmap: create a roadmap guiding you towards your happya life. Empower yourself to take bold and purposeful action.

Staying on Track: ensure your journey remains on track with self-care, accountability, and the support needed to nurture your well-being.

Choose Your Blooming happya Journey

Three pathways to Blooming happya

At Happya we understand that every individual's journey is as unique as they are. That's why we offer three distinct pathways for you to enroll in the transformative Blooming Happya programme.

Each pathway is crafted to cater to your specific preferences, ensuring that your journey towards personal growht and a happya life aligns seemlessly with your needs.

Blooming Happya VIP Plain Text Logo

Your Personalised Tailored Journey

For a more personalised and interactive approach, Blooming Happya VIP offers direct engagement and support with me, your guide on this transformative journey. Enjoy tailored support, one-on-one interactions, and a deep exploration of your unique path to a Happya Life. Designed for those who value personalised attention and a more intimate, hands-on experience.

Blooming Happya Together Plain Text Logo

The Group Coaching Experience

Opt for this pathway if you thrive in a collaborative and supportive environment. Blooming Happya Together brings individuals together for a shared experience, fostering connection, shared insights, and mutual encouragement. It's an ideal choice for those who find strength and motivation in the energy of a group.

Blooming Happya Together Plain Text Logo

The Self-Study Adventure

Here, you'll dive into the Blooming Happya programme at your own pace. Perfect for the independent souls seeking flexibility and autonomy, Blooming Happya Solo allows you to navigate the transformative content on your terms, creating a personalised journey of self-discovery.

Blooming Happya Programme Logo

Blooming happya VIP

Embark on a personalised journey with Blooming Happya VIP, where you will receive the royal treatment on your adventure.

This pathway unfolds through exclusive one-on-one sessions, accompanied by tailored workbooks that cater to your unique story. But it doesn't stop there - you'll have a direct line to me via WhatsApp throughout the entire journey.

Picture having a guide by your side at every step. As a VIP, you gain exclusive access to your own online portal, your treasure trove of resources. It's a comprehensive and bespoke experience, ensuring your transformation is not only supported but also celebrated.

Blooming happya Together

Dive into the collective energy of transformation with a 12-week immersive group coaching programme rooted in positive psychology. This pathway is designed for those who thrive in a community setting.

Imagine engaging in 90-minute group calls each week, exploring the content, and having your questions answered. But that's not all - you'll also enjoy a personal one-on-one call, ensuring your individual journey is given the spotlight it deserves.

With a dedicated members' area with all the resources you need to guide you including videos and workbooks you'll also have weekly private access to me via WhatsApp.

You'll find support, inspiration, and a shared journey with like-minded souls.

Blooming Happya Programme Logo
Blooming Happya Programme Logo

Blooming happya Solo

For those seeking a self-paced approach, Solo is your pathway to bloom happya. Gain access to all the resources, including videos, workbooks and various tools that empower you to chart your own course.

It's a self-study programme that respects your unique rhythm. With the flexibility to absorb content at your own speed, Solo ensure you have the autonomy to navigate the transformative journey according to your schedule and preferences.

This pathway provides a wealth of knowledge and guidance, allowing you to blossom inot your own happya life.


Is the content the same for each of the pathways?

While all pathways are rooted in the smae foundational principles and cover identical topics, there may be variations due to the interactive nature of VIP and Together. Materials for these pathways are personalised to participants, ensuring a tailored experience. Despite these differences, the overarching goal of each pathway remains consistent - to provide a transformative journey toward rediscovering your identity, building confidence, and creating your happya life.

How do I know which pathway is right for me?

Consider your preferences for individualised attention, group dynamics or self-paced. Also consider how much accountability you need and how well you will be able to motivate yourself to remain on track. Feel free to reach out, and we can discuss which pathway aligns best with your goals.

Can I switch pathways during the programme?

While the pathways are designed to provide specific experiences, we understand individual needs may change. Contact us, and we will explore available options.

Can I access resources after the programme ends?

Yes, all pathways provide continued access to your dedicated members' area, ensuring you can revisit resources and maintain your progress after the programme concludes.

How is VIP different from Together?

VIP offers personalised one-on-one sessions, while Together is a group coaching programme with weekly group calls and is a shared experience.

Is there a time commitment for the programme?

The time commitment for the programme is contingent upon your individual approach to learning and reflection. It also takes into account your existing practices for personal growth and the ease with which you engage in the activities. Beyond the scheduled session times, you'll find independent work and reflection crucial, involving journaling and self-care activities. The commitment is highly personalised, considering the depth of change you aspire to achieve and the dedication you're prepared to invest. This commitment could range from 20mins to a few hours a week. If you'd like to discuss your specific circumstances and find a commitment level that suits you, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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